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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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FTF: fetoprotein transcription factor
FTI: free thyroxine index
FTIR: Fourier transform infrared
FTIs: function called farnesyl transferase inhibitors
FTKs: Fusion tyrosine kinases
FTLE: familial temporal lobe epilepsy
FTS: facteur thymique serique
fts: filamentation temperature sensitive
FUAS: familial ureteral abnormalities syndrome
Fur: ferric uptake regulator
fur: ferric uptake regulation
FUSE: far upstream sequence element
FV: factor V
FV: foamy virus
FV: Friend virus
FVC: forced vital capacity
FVEPs: flash visual evoked potentials
FVL: factor V Leiden
FVM: familial venous malformation
FW: fruit weight
FWAs: Four fluorescent whitening agents
FWC: fluorescence weight centers
FWT: familial Wilms tumor
fX: factor X
FX: fragile X
FXD: functional X disomy
FXR: farnesoid X receptor
FXS: fragile X syndrome
FZ: fetal zone
GA: gallic acid
GA: geographic atrophy
GA: gestational ages
GA: genetic algorithm
GA: gestational age
GA: genetic alterations
GA: genetic algorithms
GA: German Angus
GA: genetic alteration
GA: Gyrate atrophy
GA: gibberellic acid
gA: glycoprotein A
GA: gentic amniocentesis
GA: glutamyl alanine
GAA: galactokinase and acid
GABA: gamma amino butyric acid
GABEB: Generalized atrophic benign epidermolysis bullosa
GAC: group A carbohydrate
GAD: glutamic acid decarboxylase
gad: gracile axonal dystrophy
GAD: genomic activation domain
GAD: giant axonal degeneration
gadd: growth and DNA
GAF: gamma and factor
GALV: Gibbon ape leukemia virus
GALV: Gibbon ape leukemia viruses
GAN: Giant axonal neuropathy
GANTs: GI autonomous nerve tumors
GAP: Genetic Activity Profile
GAP: GTPase activating protein
GAPs: GTPase activating proteins
GAS: group A Streptococcus
GAS: general adaptation syndrome
GAS: group A streptococci
GAS: group A streptococcal
GAS: Genetic Analysis System
GAS: gamma activation site
Gas: growth arrest specific
GASP: Gonococcal Antimicrobial Surveillance Program
GAT: Guerin ascites tumour
GAW: Genetic Analysis Workshop
GAWTS: Genomic amplification with transcript sequencing
gB: glycoprotein B
gB: glycoproteins B
gbb: gene glass bottom boat
GBD: GTPase binding domain
GBE: glycogen branching enzyme
GBM: glomerular basement membrane
GBM: glomerular basement membranes
GBP: glycophorin binding protein
GBR: Great Barrier Reef
GBS: group B streptococcus
GBS: Group B streptococci
GBS: group B streptococcal
GBSSI: granule bound starch synthase I
GC: germinal center
GC: gastric carcinoma
GC: gastric cancer
GC: gliomatosis cerebri
GC: granular component
GC: gastric cancers
GC: gliomatous component
GC: granulosa cell
GC: germinal centers
GC: gas chromatography
GC: generalized chromosome
GC: gel consistency
gC: glycoprotein C
GC: germinal centre
GC: Genetic Code
GC: guanylate cyclase
GC: granulosa cells
gc: Giant cell
GC: gas chromatographic
gC: gene encoding glycoprotein C
GC: granular components
gC: glycoproteins glycoprotein C
GCA: Granular cell astrocytomas
GCA: giant cell arteritis
GCA: guanylyl cyclase A
GCA: gastric cardia adenocarcinoma
GCAP: germ cell alkaline phosphatase
GCBM: glomerular capillary basement membranes
GCC: glassy cell carcinoma
GCCLs: germ cell cancer lines
GCD: granular corneal dystrophy
Gcdh: glutaryl CoA dehydrogenase
GCF: giant cell fibroblastoma
GCL: ganglion cell layers
GCL: ganglion cell layer
Gclc: glutamate cysteine ligase catalytic
gcm: glial cells missing
GCMN: giant congenital melanocytic nevus
GCNF: Germ cell nuclear factor
GCP: Green Colour Pigment
GCPs: genotypic class profiles
GCR: galactic cosmic rays
GCR: global control region
GCR: gross chromosome rearrangements
GCRC: General Clinical Research Center
GCRs: gross chromosomal rearrangements
GCS: glycine cleavage system
GCS: genome conformational state
GCSH: glycine cleavage system
GCT: granulosa cell tumors
GCT: granular cell tumours
GCT: germ cell tumor
GCT: giant cell tumor
GCT: giant cell tumors
GCT: granulosa cell tumor
GCT: gametocyte clearance time
GCTs: Granulosa cell tumors
GCTs: germ cell tumors
GCTs: germa cell tumors
GCTs: germ cell tumours
GCTs: Granular cell tumors
GD: genetic diversity
GD: gene diversity
GD: gestation day
gD: glycoprotein D
GD: Graves disease
GD: gestation days
GD: gametic disequilibrium
GD: Gonadal dysfunction
GD: Gaucher disease
GD: gonadal dysgenesis
GD: gonadal dysgenic
GDB: Genome Data Base
GDC: glycine decarboxylase complex
GDD: gnathodiaphyseal dysplasia
gDGGE: Genomic Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
GDI: GDP dissociation inhibitor
GDID: genetically determined immune deficiency
GDM: gestational diabetes mellitus
GDRDA: genetically directed representational difference analysis
GDS: Geriatric Depression Scale
GE: garlic extract
GE: genome equivalents
GE: genetic engineering
GE: glandular epithelia
GE: genomic equivalents
gE: glycoprotein E
gE: glycoproteins E
ge: green eye
GEE: generalized estimating equations
GEE: generalized estimating equation
GEMs: genetically engineered microbes
GEMs: genetically engineered microorganisms
GENOA: Genetic Epidemiology Network of Arteriopathy
GENSAT: Gene expression nervous system atlas
GEO: Gene Expression Omnibus
GEP: Gene expression profiling
GER: granular endoplasmic reticulum
GES: gene expression signature
GET: grain endosperm transparency
GF: giant fiber
GF: Gingival fibromatosis
GF: GDNF family
GF: growth factor
GF: growth factors
GF: gene frequency
gF: gene encoding glycoprotein F
gf: germ free
GF: growth fraction
GFA: glial fibrillary acidic
GFAP: glial fibrillary acidic protein
GFAP: glial fibrillary acid protein
GFP: green fluorescent protein
GFP: gene encoding green fluorescent protein
GFP: gene for green fluorescent protein
GFP: green fluorescence protein
GFP: gene or green fluorescence protein
GFP: gene Green fluorescent protein
GFP: glutathione fluorescent protein
GFP: GK1 Green fluolesent protein
GFPs: Green fluorescent proteins
GFR: glomerular filtration rates
GFR: glomerular filtration rate
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