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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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FIV: feline immunodeficiency virus
FJHN: familial juvenile hyperuricemic nephropathy
FJHN: Familial juvenile hyperuricaemic nephropathy
FJP: Familial juvenile polyposis
FKC: feline kidney cell
FL: follicular lymphoma
FL: follicular lymphomas
FL: femur length
FL: frontal lobe
FL: fetal femur length
FL: a follicular lymphoma
FL: five follicular lymphomas
FL: fraction length
FL: Flt3 ligand
FL: one follicular lymphoma
FL: fact that fluorescent light
FL: fetal loss
FL: found in follicular lymphoma
FL: fairly Follicular lymphomas
FL: following follicular lymphoma
FL: factor FLT3 ligand
FL: frequently with follicular lymphoma
FL: fractional length
FLAP: LTC4S and protein
FLC: Friend leukemia cells
FLC: follicular large cell
FLCL: Follicular large cell lymphoma
FLD: frontal lobe dementia
FLD: frontal lobe degeneration
fld: fatty liver dystrophy
FLD: flow linear dichroism
FLIP: fluorescence loss in photobleaching
FLK: fetal lamb kidney
Flp: F liver protein
FLT: fetal liver transplantation
FM: fat mass
FM: familial melanoma
FM: floret meristem
FM: Fetal microchimerism
FM: full mutation
FM: fragile X full mutation
fM: FMR2 full mutations
FM: focal malignancy
FM: fibrillar material
FMA: Fluorescein Mercuric Acetate
FMC: Feline mammary carcinomas
FMCA: fluorometric microculture cytotoxicity assay
FMD: function by flow mediated dilatation
FMF: familial Mediterranean fever
FMF: Fetal Medicine Foundation
FMF: Famlial Mediterranean Fever
FMF: the familial Mediterranean fever
FMF: FHF resembles familial Mediterranean fever
FMF: febrile syndromes familial Mediterranean fever
FMGP: Fungal Mitochondrial Genome Project
FMGs: fusogenic membrane glycoproteins
FMM: familial MM
FMP: Forschungsinstitut fur Molekulare Pharmakologie
FMPP: familial male precocious puberty
fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging
FMTC: familial medullary thyroid carcinoma
FMV: figwort mosaic virus
FN: false negatives
FN: fundamental numbers
FN: fluorescent nucleus
FN: fundamental number
FN: fluorescing nucleus
FNA: fine needle aspiration
FNA: fine needle aspirates
FNA: breast fine needle aspiration
FNAB: Fine needle aspiration biopsies
FNAB: fine needle aspiration biopsy
FNABs: fine needle aspiration biopsies
FNAC: fine needle aspiration cytology
FNAs: fine needle aspirates
FND: found in familial nonspecific dementia
FNDI: Familial neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus
FNH: focal nodular hyperplasia
FNH: four focal nodular hyperplasias
FNHs: focal nodular hyperplasia
FNHs: focal nodular hyperplasias
FNN: facial nerve
FNR: false negative rates
FNR: false negative rate
FNRBC: fetal nucleated red blood cells
FNRBCs: Fetal nucleated red blood cells
FO: favorable outcome
FO: Felix O
FOG: Friend of GATA
FOM: floor of mouth
FOP: fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
FOS: Framingham Osteoarthritis Study
FOT: Fetal ovary transplantation
FP: false positives
FP: fluorescence profile
FP: fluorescence polarization
FP: familial pseudohyperkalemia
FP: Feather pecking
FP: fluorescent protein
fp: fused phalanges
FP: familial paragangliomas
FP: false positive
FP: fusion protein
FP: female protein
FPB: first polar bodies
FPC: familial polyposis coli
FPC: familiar polyposis coli
FPCA: Familial periodic cerebellar ataxia
FPCs: family planning clinics
FPD: familial platelet disorder
FPD: familial panhypopituitary dwarfism
FPD: familial paroxysmal dyskinesias
FPF: Four favorable prognostic factors
FPF: familial periodic fever
FPG: fluorescence plus Giemsa
FPG: Fluorescent Plus Giemsa
FPG: fasting plasma glucose
FPG: fluorochrome photolysis Giemsa
FPL: familial partial lipodystrophy
FPLC: fast performance liquid chromatography
FPLC: fast protein liquid chromatography
FPLD: familial partial lipodystrophy
FPLD: familial partial lipodystrophy Dunnigan
FPM: forward progressive motility
FPP: foramina parietalia permagna
FPP: fertilization promoting peptide
FPR: false positive rate
FPR: false positive rates
FPS: farnesyl pyrophosphate synthetase
fPTC: familial papillary thyroid carcinoma
FPV: feline panleukopenia virus
FR: folate receptors
FR: fluorescence ratio
FR: framework region
FR: folate receptor
FR: framework regions
FR: fertilization rate
FR: feed restriction
FRA: Forest Research Agency
FRA: familial recurrent arthritis
FRAP: fluorescence recovery after photobleaching
FRAP: fluorescence redistribution after photobleaching
FRAP: fluorescent recovery after photobleaching
FRC: fibroblastic reticular cell
FRC: functional residual capacity
FRET: Fluorescence resonance energy transfer
FRET: fluorescent resonance energy transfer
FRL: fractional regional loss
FRLE: fetal rat lung epithelial
FRM: free radical metabolism
FRT: FLP recombinase target
FRT: Flp recognition target
FRT: febrile range temperatures
FRT: flanked by Flp recombinase target
FRTs: FLP recognition targets
FS: fragile site
FS: fragile sites
FS: febrile seizures
FS: FISH on frozen sections
FS: Fetal Sonogram
FS: folate sensitive Fragile Sites
FS: fruit shape
FS: fibrous sheath
FS: febrile seizure
FS: Fechtner syndrome
FS: Frasier syndrome
FS: freezing and freeze substitution
Fs: female sterile
FSA: familial sideroblastic anemia
FSAFS: folate sensitive autosomal fragile site
FSAP: Factor Seven Activating Protease
FSB: frank strand breaks
FSCA: familial subepithelial corneal amyloidosis
FSCCL: follicular small cleaved cell lymphoma
FSGS: forms of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
FSGS: focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
FSGS: form of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
FSH: follicle stimulating hormone
FSH: follicular stimulating hormone
fsh: female sterile homeotic
FSH: follicular stimulant hormone
FSH: follide stimulating hormone
FSHB: follicle stimulating hormone
FSHR: follicle stimulating hormone receptor
FSI: fasting specific insulin
FSIQ: Full Scale IQ
FSM: fluorescent speckle microscopy
FSP: familial spastic paraplegia
FSP: familial spastic paraparesis
FSP: form of familial spastic paraplegia
FSP: Flocculent Specific Protein
FSP: fibrin split products
FSP: Functional Skills Profile
FSPs: familial spastic paraplegias
FSS: Forensic Science Service
fss: fifth mutant fused somites
fsSH: fluorescence in situ hybridization
FST: forced swim test
FSV: Fujinami sarcoma virus
fsw: focal sharp wave
FT: free testosterone
FT: flowering time
FT: freezing tolerance
Ft: Fused toes
FT: Familial thrombocytosis
FT: fat thickness
ft: flaky tail
FT: Features Table
FT: fresh tumor
FTA: follicular thyroid adenoma
FTBI: fractionated total body irradiation
FTC: follicular thyroid cancer
FTC: frequently in follicular thyroid carcinoma
FTC: Follicular thyroid carcinoma
FTC: Fallopian tube carcinoma
FTCs: follicular thyroid carcinomas
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