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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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CSQZ: Chinese standard quartz
CSR: chain class switch recombination
CSR: class switch recombination
CSs: current smokers
CSS: chromosome substitution strain
CSs: citrate synthases
CSS: constitutional short stature
CSSL: chromosome segment substitution line
CSSLs: chromosome segment substitution lines
CSSs: chromosome substitution strains
CSU: Colorado State University
CSV: chicken syncytial virus
CT: cholera toxin
CT: Chlamydia trachomatis
CT: Computed tomography
CT: Computerized tomography
CT: chronic tics
CT: cell cycle time
CT: copper toxicosis
CT: Computed tomographic
CT: conjoined twins
CT: conjugative transposons
CT: chromosomal cholera toxin
CT: composed of cholera toxin
CT: competitive template
CT: chromosome territory
CT: C terminus
CT: Cranial computerized tomography
ct: curly tail
CT: chorda tympani
CT: computerized tomographic
CT: cationic trypsinogen
CT: Chest computed tomography
CT: cholerae secretes cholera toxin
CT: creatine transporter
CT: cholerae Cholera toxin
CT: cranial computed tomography
CT: calf thymus
CT: carcinoma by computerized tomography
CTA: conditioned taste aversion
CtBP: carboxyl terminal binding protein
CTC: chromosomal telomeric changes
CTC: circulating tumor cell
CTC: cultured T cells
CTCL: cutaneous T cell lymphomas
CTCL: collectively termed cutaneous lymphoma
CTCL: cutaneous T cell lymphoma
CTCs: capture circulating tumor cells
CTD: chronic tic disorder
CTD: Connective Tissue Diseases
CTD: connective tissue disorders
CTD: carboxy terminal domain
CTD: carboxy terminus domain
CTEP: Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program
CTF: correlations in complementary triplet frequencies
ctf: chromosome transmission fidelity
CTF: complete testicular feminization
CTF: competence transcription factor
CTGF: connective tissue growth factor
CTI: Cortical thickness index
CTL: cytotoxic T lymphocyte
CTL: comet tail length
CTL: class cytotoxic T lymphocyte
CTL: cytolytic T lymphocyte
CTL: cytolytic T lymphocytes
CTL: complex cytotoxic T lymphocytes
CTLs: cytotoxic T lymphocytes
CTLs: comet tail lengths
CTMC: connective tissue mast cells
CTN: cold thyroid nodule
CTP: coal tar pitch
CTP: characteristic carboxyl terminal peptide
CTP: comprehensive testing protocol
CTP: combined testing protocol
Ctp: Chironomus thummi piger
CTPV: coal tar pitch volatiles
CTS: canine transmissible sarcoma
Ctt: Chironomus thummi thummi
CTU: call the complex transcription unit
CTV: citrus tristeza virus
CTVM: Canine tricuspid valve malformation
CTVT: Canine transmissible venereal tumor
CU: Clemson University
CU: codon usage
CUC: chronic ulcerative colitis
CUC: complication of chronic ulcerative colitis
CUGI: Clemson University Genomics Institute
CURE: CUP1 upstream repeated element
CUTA: congenital urinary tract anomaly
CUTAs: cogenital urinary tract anomalies
CUTAs: congenital urinary tract anomalies
CV: chromosomal vector
CV: chorionic villus
CV: coefficient variations
CV: chorionic villi
CV: Coriolus versicolor
CV: conduction velocity
CV: Conduction velocities
CV: cultured chorionic villus
CV: Color Vision
CV: contamination of chorionic villi
CVA: complete vermian agenesis
CVA: cerebral vascular accidents
CVA: Canonical variates analyses
CVAH: congenital virilizing adrenal hyperplasia
CVB: cost of chorionic villi biopsy
CVB: chorion villus biopsy
CVB: chorionic villus biopsy
CVC: citrus variegated chlorosis
CVCs: Central venous catheters
CVD: coronary vascular disease
CVF: cobra venom factor
CVH: common variable hypogammaglobulinaemia
CVI: common variable immunodeficiency
Cvi: Cape Verde Islands
Cvi: Cape Verdi Islands
CVI: children with common variable immunodeficiency
CVID: Common variable immune deficiency
CVID: classified as common variable immunodeficiency
CVID: combination of common variable immunodeficiency
CVMN: chorionic villus micronucleus
CVS: chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chorionic villus samples
CVS: cases chorionic villus sampling
CVS: compared to chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chorionic villus samplings
CVS: chorionic villi samplings
CVS: chorionic villi sampling
CVS: chorionic villous samplings
CVS: cells from chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chorion villus sampling
CVS: chorionic villous sampling
CVS: case involving chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chromosomes from chorionic villus sampling
CVS: cases of chorionic villus sampling
CVS: commonly on chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chorionic villus sample
CVS: chorionic villi samples
CVS: challenge virus standard
CVS: commonly after chorionic villus sampling
CVS: cells of chorionic villus samples
CVS: consecutive chorionic villus sampling
CVS: cultured chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chronic villus sampling
CVS: consisted of chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chorionic villi sample
CVS: chorionic villi studies
CVS: consecutive chorionic villus samples
CVS: chromosome Chorionic villus sampling
CVS: chorionic villus specimens
CVS: Chorion villi sampling
CVT: congenital vertical talus
CVT: cases of congenital vertical talus
CVT: caloric vestibular test
CVTL: computerized video time lapse
cw: curly whiskers
CW: continuous wave
CZ: central zone
CZE: Capillary zone electrophoresis
DA: diffuse astrocytoma
DA: diffuse adherence
DA: DNA aneuploid
DA: directional asymmetry
DA: distamycin A
DA: developmental anomalies
DA: delayed activation
DA: delta activity
DA: Dark Agouti
DA: disappearing after distamycin A
DA: duplex amplification
DA: Dystrophic axons
DAA: days after anthesis
DAB: days after birth
DAD: diffuse alveolar damage
DAD: deacetylase activating domain
DAEC: Diffusely adherent Escherichia coli
DAF: decay accelerating factor
DAF: DNA amplification fingerprinting
DAF: days after flowering
DAFA: DNA adduct formation assay
Dam: DNA adenine methyltransferase
dam: DNA adenine methylase
DAOM: depressor anguli oris muscle
DAP: days after pollination
DAP: dystrophin associated protein
DAPC: dystrophin associated protein complex
DAPRD: Dominant autosomal polycystic renal disease
DAPs: dystrophin associated proteins
DAS: downstream activator sequence
DASH: dynamic allele specific hybridization
DAT: direct antiglobulin tests
DAZ: dif activity zone
Db: Drosophila bifasciata
dB: deficient B
DB: defensive burying
db: dark body
DB: D brachydactyly
DBA: Dolichos biflorus agglutinin
DBA: Diamond Blackfan Anaemia
DBA: Diamond Blackfan anemia
DBCRs: Disease associated balanced chromosomal rearrangements
DBCRs: Disease associated balanced chromosome rearrangements
DBD: DNA binding domain
DBD: DNA binding domains
DBH: dopamine beta hydroxylase
DBI: diazepam binding inhibitor
DBP: demineralized bone powder
DBP: diastolic blood pressure
DBP: D binding protein
DBP: DNA binding protein
DbpA: decorin binding protein A
DBS: Donor Bovine Serum
DC: dendritic cells
DC: dendritic cell
DC: discrimination capacity
dc: damaged cells
DC: differentiate into dendritic cells
DC: Dyskeratosis congenita
dc: diffuse cutaneous
DC: damaged cell
DC: diffusion chamber
DC: derived from dendritic cells
DC: differentiate into dendritic cell
DC: defects in dorsal closure
DC: DKC1 cause dyskeratosis congenita
DC: diagnosis of dyskeratosis congenita
DC: Dorsal closure
DC: DCIR dendritic cell
DC: dicentric chromosome
DC: dilated cardiomyopathy
DC: direct current
DC: dense chromatin
DC: diffusion chambers
DC: direct cost
dCAPS: derived cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence
DCC: dystrophic cardiac calcinosis
DCC: dosage compensation complex
DCC: day care centers
Dcc: dark coat
DCC: data coordinating center
DCC: deleted colorectal carcinoma
DCC: Deleted Colon Cancer
DCCR: Danish Cytogenetic Central Register
DCD: dark cell degeneration
DCE: distal conserved element
DCFISH: double color fluorescence in situ hybridization
DCIR: dendritic cell immunoreceptor
DCIS: Ductal carcinoma in situ
DCIS: ductal carcinomas in situ
DCIS: diagnose ductal carcinoma in situ
DCL: diffuse centroblastic lymphomas
DCL: Donor cell leukemia
DCMD: dominant cystoid macular dystrophy
DCN: deep cerebellar nuclei
DCNAs: DNA copy number aberrations
DCP: Direct chromosome preparations
DCP: differential chromosome painting
DCR: Discrete Chromosome Rings
DCR: dominant control region
DCS: dense chromatin structures
dcSSc: diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis
DCT: distal convoluted tubules
DCV: Drosophila C virus
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