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Biomedical Sciences Acronym and Abbreviation

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CA: chromosomal aberrations
CA: chromosomal abberation
CA: chromosomal aberration
CA: chromosome aberrations
CA: chromosome aberration
CA: cytogenetic analysis
CA: cyclophosphamide chromosomal aberrations
CA: cytosine adenine
CA: cultivated for chromosomal aberrations
CA: cause chromosomal aberrations
CA: chromosomes using chromosomal aberrations
CA: chromosome analysis
CA: contagious agalactia
CA: considered chromosome aberrations
CA: control Chromosomal aberrations
CA: carbonic anhydrase
CA: classes of chromosomal aberrations
CA: containing a
CA: Cbfa2t1h contains a
CA: chromosomal anomaly
CA: common antigen
CA: classical chromosomal aberrations
CA: criteria chronological age
CA: conventional chromosomal aberration
CA: causing chromosomal aberrations
CA: chromosome abnormalities
CA: concentrations of clavulanic acid
CA: chromosomal abnormalities
CA: clavulanic acid
CA: cancer antigen
CA: control area
CA: Cytogenetic abnormalities
CA: Chromatid aberrations
CA: children age
CA: constitutively active
CA: control areas
CA: cavernous angiomas
CA: chromosone aberration
CA: chromosome analyses
CA: Cytotoxicity and chromosome aberrations
CA: congenital agammaglobulinaemia
CA: cerebellar atrophy
CA: Colanic acid
Ca: Candida albicans
CA: can induce chromosome aberrations
CA: cells utilizing chromosome aberration
CA: chromosome A
CA: central axis
CA: classified as cerebellar atrophy
CA: cell aberrations
CA: cerebellar ataxia
CA: colorectal adenoma
CA: cytogenetic aberrations
CA: chromomycin A3
CA: constituents and carbonic anhydrase
CA: carbonic anhydrases
CA: concerns chromosome aberrations
CA: Cyclopiazonic acid
CA: cytosine arabinoside

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